I am writing to comment one of your employee Tay (spelling?). Last week, I blew out a tire while on the freeway after dark one night. I called CHP, and they sent one of your trucks out. Tay arrived within the stated time, and was polite, helpful, and simply wonderful. He did not make me get out of the car. He showed great patience with the fact that my trunk was full of heavy items that he had to take out to get out the spare. He then helped me search my car for the key for my wheel locks, and then quickly and efficiently changed my tire and got me on my way home safe and sound. I offered him a tip for his great service, but he turned it down and said all I needed to do was write a letter telling you what a great job he did, if I wanted to. So here it is my thanks to him.


M. Lynch

M. Lynch, Client