Car Headlight Cleaning Restoration Service

Headlight Cleaning Restoration Service

Husteads Auto Body is excited to offer our headlight cleaning restoration service for your car or truck. If you're like most car owners, you have clear plastic headlight covers, or lenses. Right around the 1990's, many vehicle manufacturers switched to the clear plastic headlights. Over time, the plastic deteriorates, often making the front of the car look like a dirty-foggy mess.

Not long ago, the only way to clean yellowish and cloudy-headlight covers was to replace the whole light unit. That's expensive and unnecessary, right? To help you avoid replacement costs, Husteads is offering to clean and restore your two headlights for $100. That's even less than what many people spend drinking coffee each month.

Leading Causes for Needing a Headlight Cleaning Restoration Service

  • Vehicle exhaust and exposure to air impurities floating in the air
  • Exposure to the Sun's heat and harmful UV rays
  • Road debris, dirt and water staining

What We Do For You

Hustead's Headlight Cleaning Restoration Service simply repairs and sparkles the look of your light covers, which add to the overall cleanliness and value of your vehicle. And our results are instant. We have the experience to quickly and successfully remove the haze and purify the completeness of the light covers.

  • We begin by inspecting your headlights.
  • Next, we will execute the headlight cleaning restoration process to get those lights sparkling again.

If you're not interested in this service, perhaps you want to check out our auto detail bucket kit.

Visit us today at our Berkeley (Durant) location and say you want your headlights cleaned.

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