Auto Detail Bucket Kit

Auto Detail Bucket Kits for Cars & Trucks

Husteads Auto Body is currently providing a (free) courtesy wash and wax on your vehicle with the purchase of an Auto Detail Bucket kit. We love to help people, so we offer products and services that have a positive influence on their day-to-day lives!


Our Auto Detail Bucket kits are Good for Your Car

The buckets are perfect for people who want to detail their cars in the comfort of their own driveways. Sure, you can take your car through the local express car wash, but your vehicle deserves more. Bring it to one of our three Husteads locations for a wash and wax completed by our experienced professional hands. Plus, you'll have your very own, shiny-red auto detail bucket that will give you the power to detail your vehicle.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients and the local Berkeley and Oakland communities. Just think what our buckets will do for you and your vehicle. You know that feeling you get when you see your car suffering from dirty neglect? Diminish that negative feeling by helping and nurturing your car with the power of our detail buckets. Detailing your own vehicle will give you the sense of doing good!


Detail Buckets Guaranteed to Keep on Giving

Our buckets have everything needed to give your vehicle a beautiful makeover. A normal car wash just partially cleans the dirt from the paints surface. All vehicles are prone to getting a buildup of contaminants that can damage the paint if left on for too long. These blemishes in the finish can reduce the value of your vehicle and lead to unnecessary repairs like a paint job. Of course, we really like painting cars, but we really love helping our customers avoid needless repairs. So get yourself one of our buckets, which will allow for multiple details. You'll be able to detail your vehicle often, or even show off your detailing skills to your neighbors, family members or friends.

So what are you waiting for? Go get detailing!